You are always welcome to “Audruvis” villa
During a holiday or business trip we will help you feel at home - cozy, comfortable and safe.

Our staff will provide you necessary information and help and will be attentive to our every guest.

Gourmet evenings
Pleasant time for two
When you want to escape from the attention and enjoy a glass of wine with one or a close person in a non-binding environment, we suggest you order a table in a tower or on a bridge.

Reservation is required: +370 616 26 951

Pheasant hunting
Every hunter will love it
Pheasant hunting season: December 1 – April 1.

Hunting price includes:
100 pheasants
Lunch at the hunting location.

Prices and reservations by phone: +370 615 40 076
Meet the homestead
We kindly invite you to take a walk and get to know our homestead.
The tour takes about 40 minutes. The homestead covers an area of about 200 ha. During the excursion, the manor, horse, deer, pheasant, daniel, nutria, pigeons, lynx, trophy house are visited.

Admire the tranquility and beauty of the countryside.

Reservation is required: +370 616 26 951

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